Amsterdam Demos

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Probably a private cassette bootleg

This is a cassette bootleg, containing official material from

the Body And Soul EP and the Long Train Flexi,

as well as a slightly modified version of Afterhours,

and two tracks from the Live In Amsterdam 1984 bootleg

recorded live during The Sisters of Mercy's performance

at the Melkweg in Amsterdam on 2nd June 1984.

The particular cassette here on the left side may have been made exclusively by one person,

intended for personal use, and as such, may not be widely available.

However, the bootleg may exist on other media.

As a matter of fact, bootleg cassettes with varying cover art were made

by various traders and spread widely among the fanbase worldwide, see for example here below.


Amsterdam Demos - Typical trading cassette
  • Side One
  1. Body And Soul
  2. Train (Short Version)
  3. Body Electric
  4. Afterhours (Slow Version)
  5. Train (Long Version)

  • Side Two
  1. Afterhours (Fast Version)
  2. Ghostrider/Sister Ray


  • Side One
  1. is the normal version of Body And Soul
  2. is the normal version of Train
  3. is the Body And Soul EP version of Body Electric
  4. is the normal version of Afterhours
  5. is actually Long Train

  • Side Two
  1. normal version of Afterhours with slightly increased speed (raising tempo and pitch)
  2. from the Live In Amsterdam 1984 12" vinyl starts with the ending of Gimme Shelter ("..just a kiss away")