Blackburn King Georges Hall 21-03-85

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Blackburn King George Hall - Typical Old Trading Cassette (inlay)

This is an audience recording from 21 March 1985 at King George Hall, Blackburn.

Release Notes

  • Taper: dei
  • Format: tape cassette (C90)
- nowadays, this recording is mostly spread on CD-r or in data formats
  • Catalogue#: - none -
  • Circulated: most likely in the late 1980s

Blackburn King George Hall - Another Old Trading Cassette (front)


  • Both these tapes feature the full concert.
  • Sound Quality: very good - excellent
  • Two audience recordings are known to exist, the one noted here
and a second one with few cuts and of slightly lower sound quality
  • Various other bootlegs do also feature this concert,
though not all of them give the full set, see Stairway To Heaven and Burn Black on CD
as well as Heaven Can Wait and King Georges Hall on vinyl,
plus the Razor Smiles 7" single, which has only Stairway To Heaven on it.

King George Hall
- Tape Insert (inside with track list)
King George Hall
- Tape Insert (front complete)

Track List