Bradford Manhattan 03-01-83 (complete)

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An audience recording of the starting gig at The Manhattan, Bradford of The Sisters of Mercy's UK Spring Tour in 1983.

For a long time, this concert was believed to have taken place a day earlier, which is why almost all audience recording tapes and bootlegs traded at the time came with the wrong date. On top of that, these recordings - including the Rough Diamonds vinyl bootleg - were incomplete. The Sisters performance of Body Electric on that day is available only in the present recording. And even here it is lacking a few seconds at the end. So possibly, this recording is the original one on which all later bootlegs and trades are based, omitting Body Electric as it was not a perfect take.

Flyer announcing the gig - click into the file for a larger view -

Recording Data

  • Taper: - unknown -
  • Format: cassette, data (FLACs)
  • Lineage:
C60 tape (master) --> (probably more tape generations)
--> C90 tape from record fair --> TDK SA90 tape
--> WAV --> Soundforge (normalise uneven L+R channels)
--> CDWave (split on sector boundaries) --> FLAC(6)
  • Duration: 35:26 min.
  • Sound Quality: 3-4

The flyer shown here was delivered with a data transfer of this recording circulated among the fanbase.

Track List

  • 01 Kiss The Carpet