Brixton Ace 19-02-83

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An early bootleg cassette featuring an audience recording from 1983.

Another recording taken from the mixing desk does exist as well. For details on this see further below.

Typical Trading Cassette from back in the days,
featuring The Sisters of Mercy's concert of February 19th, 1983 at Brixton Ace

Recording Notes (Audience Recording)

  • Taper: - unknown -
  • Catalogue#: none
  • Format: TDK D60 Cassette or data (FLACs)
  • Lineage of data version:
TDK D60 Cassette --> Eltax Tape Deck --> wav
--> Soundforge --> normalisation --> speed correction
--> CD Wave ---> track splitting --> FLAC Level 6
  • Released: most likely in the late 1980s

Remarks (Cassette)

  • Total Running Time: 42:03 min.
  • The cover art shows the typical features of bootleg trading cassettes of the time.
The photo used for this cover art was actually not taken at the gig,
but much later at Manchester Ritz in 1985.
  • Watch was incorrectly titled Falling Down,
which has been corrected by the buyer.
  • Also a wrong recording date (19.12.1983) was corrected.

Halloween In Arkham - Cover (front)

Existing Sources and Further Information

Two recordings from this concert exist:

  • the above mentioned cassette (also available in remastered FLACs)
Sound Quality (original unremastered cassette): 4/5
Sound Example: Valentine
which features only the second half of the concert.
Sound Quality: 4/5
Sound Example: Valentine

  • Our thanks for the wonderful sound examples used here go to HL Forum member spiggymr7

Track Lists

Carmina Burana - Cover (front)
Audience Recording (Cassette) Mixing Desk Recording (used on vinyls)
Side A Tracks                                     featured on
01   Kiss The Carpet                                                        01   Alice                                 - Halloween In Arkham / Carmina Burana
02   Floorshow 02   Valentine                           - Halloween In Arkham / Carmina Burana
03   Watch 03   Anaconda                          - Halloween In Arkham / Carmina Burana
04   Adrenochrome 04   Body Electric                     - Halloween In Arkham
05   Alice 05   1969                                  - Halloween In Arkham / Carmina Burana
06   Sister Ray                          - Halloween In Arkham
Side B
06   Valentine
07   Anaconda
08   Body Electric
09   1969
10   Sister Ray