Broken Soul

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A 2LP bootleg that contains a gig from the Ever Forward tour performed in Vienna in May 2014.

As far as we know this is the only vinyl bootleg at the moment (2018) that features a live version of the song Blood Money. A song which, in general, has been performed live rarely, rather, and made its way back onto the setlist of most gigs of the above-mentioned tour for the first time after 1997.

Broken Soul - Cover (front)
Broken Soul - Cover (back)
Broken Soul - Clear Vinyl

Release Notes

  • Label: none mentioned
although the way the record and the cover are made looks quite like the European "MADE FOR FANS NOT FOR MONEY" label.
  • Catalogue#: none
  • Format: 2 x 12" vinly LP
  • Released: 2018
  • Production Note: Lathe Cut


  • Strictly limited to 33 copies, hand-numbered on the cover back.
There were black and clear vinyls made. It is not known, however, how many of each.
  • The cover is very glossy and dark with white lettering.
The image chosen for the cover art shows a sculpture of a heavily disfigured human body.
  • The labels show the same image as the cover front, also on black background.
Furthermore, the labels give the band's name, the bootleg title and an alphabetical lettering of the record side in quotation marks like "A".
  • As mentioned before, the present record contains songs that were not released as live versions on vinyl so far.
The most outstanding one is certainly Blood Money, which hadn't been performed live for more than 20 years since the Distance Over Time Tour in 1997.
Beyond that, the bootleg features the "new" song Gift That Shines, a Red Lorry Yellow Lorry cover, and the surf rock instrumental Misirlou.


The bootleg contains the whole gig.

Track List

Record One Record Two
Side A Side B Side C Side D
A1   More B1   Crash And Burn C1   Valentine D1   Vision Thing
A2   Ribbons B2   Gift That Shines C2   Flood II D2   Dominion / Mother Russia
A3   When You Don‘t See Me                               B3   Doctor Jeep/Detonation Boulevard                               C3   This Corrosion D3   Misirlou
A4   Blood Money B4   Amphetamine Logic C4   Kiss The Carpet D4   Temple Of Love
A5   Alice B5   Top Nite Out C5   Lucretia My Reflection                                 
   B6   Arms