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Craig Adams was the first full-time bass-player with The Sisters Of Mercy.

Craig Adams (front, center)
during his time in The Expelaires, 1978 - 1980

He left the band in late 1985, after their first studio album First And Last And Always

was released and the band couldn't agree on details of the next album.

Life before The Sisters of Mercy

Prior to joining the Sisters, Craig was a member of The Expelaires (from 1978 to 1980)

with Paul "Grape" Gregory (who later sang with 3000 Revs) and Dave "Wolfie" Wolfenden

(from The Lorries).

Craig Adams

The Sisters of Mercy (1981 - 1985)

"There was a band where Andy (Andrew Eldritch) was the drummer, not the singer,

 and it went down to him and Gary Marx, and they needed a bass player, so that was that…

 I wasn't really a bass player, I was keyboards, but I borrowed a bass and bluffed my way in."

Source: And The Dance Goes On ...

With The Sisters of Mercy Craig Adams recorded the singles & EPs Body Electric (1982), Alice (1982), Anaconda (1983),

the Alice EP (1983), The Reptile House EP (1983), Temple Of Love (1983), Body And Soul (1984), Walk Away (1984) including

the Long Train Flexi (1984), No Time To Cry (1985) and their first studio album First And Last And Always (1985).

Quite informative and interesting to who it may concern is also the thread @The Heartland Forums about Craig's Bass Setup.

Craig Adams in 2003

After the Sisters

Craig Adams in 1986

Adams left the band in 1985 and together with Wayne Hussey formed the Sisterhood. This was soon changed to the Mission and Adams spent from 1986 to 1992 recording 4 studio albums and 2 compilations. He was sacked by Hussey in November 1992 and replaced by Andy Cousin. He joined The Cult and toured most of 1993 with the band. They recorded a self-titled album produced by Bob Rock which was released at the end of 1994. The band found its demise in 1995 and went on a hiatus.

In the following year, Adams found employment as a roadie with a variation of bands while occasionaly playing with friends. He briefly played with the Alabama 3 but by 1997 joined Mark Peters in his performances. It would see the start of a relationship that continues to this day. Duffy joined Peters and Adams in the Coloursound project. But the latter was halted as The Cult reformed in 1999.

Hussey in the meantime had released an album of reworkings of Mission classics and intended to tour the US. Adams called him up and a new line-up was established. A new album, Aura, was recorded and released in 2002. After a fracas in Brazil, Adams leaves the band again. A year later he was confirmed as a permanent member of the reformed The Alarm.

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