Don't Drive On Ice (song)

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Don't Drive On Ice - First live performance
Spot, De Oosterpoort, Groningen, NL, 03/04/2022
The Sisters of Mercy - Don't Drive On Ice
TOLLHAUS, Karlsruhe, 8 April 2022
The Sisters of Mercy - Don't Drive On Ice
Liège, Belgium, 15 April 2022

Don't Drive On Ice was mentioned together with four other new songs as a title only on The Sisters Live News Page in April 2020 during the coronavirus lockdowns.

This entirely new song got first performed live on 03 April 2022 at De Oosterpoort/SPOT in Groningen, NL.


- now confirmed -


Long slow carambolage
That’s not waving, that is drowning
Your truck is underwater, outside of any town
Wind the windows down
Can’t wind the windows down
From the wrong side
Don’t drive on ice
Flame on the other side
Don’t drive on ice
You’re looking at a river
Don’t drive on ice
It’s all electric
There were sparks and then there weren’t
You took the bridge and it is burnt


Some attempts at the lyrics can be found in the Heartland Forums under the entries

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Music and Lyrics: Christo/Eldritch/Smith