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Duvel Thing - DVD (outro)

Duvel Thing is a YouTube video collection of the first live video recordings

from The Sisters of Mercy's gig at Lokerse Feesten, Lokeren, Belgium in 2010.

Release Notes

  • Taper: see the complete list below
Compiled by long-time HL Forum member lachert
  • Format: data (~ 4GB) or Video DVD
  • Lineage: - unknown -
  • Circulated: September 2010


  • This compilation was entirely done by fans for fans
and is in circulation among the fanbase

EBay Forbidden text.jpg
  • There are various other audio and video recording from the show, see:
- Lokerse Feesten 2010 (audio)
- Lokerse Feesten 5-Aug-10 (audio)
- Lokerse Feesten 2010 (Multicam DVD) (full show video DVD)
- Sisters From Heaven (Video DVD / data - large parts of the show in great quality)

Duvel Thing - DVD (Main Menu)

Compiler's Remarks
... to accomplish the siters big 10 tour mission, here comes missing part two of the youtube videos quadrilogy with the band's second appearance this year at lokerse festival in belgium.

what's inside?
first of all we've got 6 beautiful videos (29 minutes all) from "lasyboylive" - you know who you are ... ;- ) ... and i hope that this one will appear soon (not on ebay) as full professional dvd with entire concert. there's also a great video of alice from "lynchworldbe" in hd.

then you've got few different full clips with not so bad sound. a lot of short incomplete clips - this time i included even 20 seconds version of top night out...  :- )))... and few videos with really terrible sound placed at the end for completist's sake. if you can't stand the noise just click next on your remote control ... ;- ) ...

there's also 1 minute report from festival with dancing in extasy in first row heartlanders, interviews (in Flemish language) with Sharon and one guy who don't understand why he must turn off the cameras when the sisters are playing ... ;- ) ...

what is not included? there's no great "doctoravalanche"'s clips, which without doubt deserve their own dvd with proper sound etc.

anyway you've got 110 minutes of the sisters videos from land of duvels

Track List

Taper Duration       Track(s)    Quality
PSYCHOCULT   0:17 - Announcement of the band by the organisers on stage -   
No Time To Cry, Good Things, Vision Thing, Rain From Heaven,
Lucretia, My Reflection, Temple Of Love - END
LYNCHWORLDBE    2:18 Alice    excellent
LUTLAUREYS    3:56 Crash And Burn    good
PETER KJ    6:51 Rain From Heaven    good
TAMABLETANTALUS    2:34 Arms    very good
CCRONALDO717    3:16 Alice    good
MORTARS    2:38 Amphetamine Logic    good
Afterhours, Marian, Alice, Dominion, Summer, Vision Thing,
Rain From Heaven, Top Nite Out, Goodbye
   various excerpts of very good sound quality
ZPHRISOTL    6:51 Summer, Rain From Heaven    very good
LACHERT108    7:20 Rain From Heaven    good
MADAMEBUTTERFLY       5:32 Marian, Rain From Heaven, Lucretia, My Reflection    very good sound quality, tracks 1 and 3 are excerpts
TV OOST    0:54 - Flemish Belgian TV report from the gig -    front row views and fan interviews
JVANSTAAY    5:51 Rain From Heaven    bad sound
BARTDEVOS001    4:15 Marian, Lucretia, My Reflection    very bad sound
Alice, Dominion, Vision Thing, Lucretia, My Reflection,
Top Nite Out, Temple Of Love
   very bad sound
DRDURDEN22    0:29 Top Nite Out    good sound quality, but also very short
THEUNDERDIGGER    2:57 Alice    extremely bad sound, but lots of audience views
OUTRO    0:13 - Excerpts from Sandstorm -    perfect sound