Exxile In Cologne

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Exxile In Cologne - CD Cover (back)
Exxile In Cologne - CD Cover (front)

A 2CD bootleg from The Sisters of Mercy's Exxile On Euphoria and Summer 2001 Tour

Exxile In Cologne - 4-page Front Inlay (back side)
Exxile In Cologne - Back Inlay (tray side)

Release Notes

  • Label: H-SOM 1/2
  • Catalogue#: H-SOM 1 / H-SOM 2
  • Format: 2 x CD
  • Released: 2001


  • Very good sound quality

There are a few mistakes in the track list on the back cover:

  • The front cover consists of a four-page inlay.
  • The back cover is printed on the inside (tray side) as well.
  • Some other bootlegs/audience recordings from both of these gigs do exist
    and have been in circulation among the fanbase with self-produced cover art included.


  • andrew ELDRTICH - vocals
  • adam PEARSON - guitars
  • mike VARJAK - guitars
  • doctor AVALANCHE - drums, etc.
  • NURSE - nurse to the doctor


For recent price development see sistersbootlegs/Exxile In Cologne

Track List

CD 1

Exxile In Cologne - Disc 1 in tray
 001     Intro / First And Last And Always                         
 002     Ribbons
 003     Come Together
 004     Crash And Burn (new song)
 005     Dominion / Mother Russia
 006     Summer (new song)
 007     Flood I
 008     Alice
 009     We Are The Same, Susanne
 010     Giving Ground
 011     Will I Dream? (new song)
 012     Body Electric
 013     Romeo Down (new song)
 014     Flood II
 015     Temple Of Love

CD 2

Exxile In Cologne - Disc 2 in tray
 001     Snub Nose (new song)
 002     Capricorn (coversong Motörhead )
 003     I Didn't Know I Loved You
           ('til I Saw You Rock'n Roll)                                     (coversong Gary Glitter)
 004     Something Fast
 005     Vision Thing
 006     Giving Ground
 007     War On Drugs
 008     Flood II
 009     This Corrosion
 010     Something Fast
 011     Temple Of Love
 012     Snub Nose (new song)
 013     Sugar Baby Love (coversong Rubettes)
 014     I Wanna Be Sedated (coversong Ramones)

Additional Pictures

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Exxile In Cologne- Front Inlay (inside)
Exxile In Cologne - Disc 1
Exxile In Cologne - Disc 2