FEBRUARY 21st 2011

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An audience recording from The Sisters' XXX 30th Stage Anniversary Tour 2011...

Fanbase-produced cover art (front)
Fanbase-produced cover art (front)

Recording Notes

  • Taper: sisterstekland
  • Lineage - two versions exist:
    1. Lumix TZ7 video camera --> FLAC
    2. Iriver HP120 (44.1Khz/16Bit) with
       Sony ECM-719 Microphone --> FLAC
  • Format: Data files (FLACs) or CD-r
  • Circulated:
    March 2011 (Lumix version)
    December 2011 (Iriver version)


  • Very good sound quality of both,
    while the Iriver version is even better.
  • Cover art: sisterstekland

EBay Forbidden text.jpg


  • A second audience recording of this concert from another taper does exist as well.

Track List

Fanbase-produced cover art (back)
  1. Afterhours
  2. Lucretia, My Reflection
  3. Ribbons
  4. Doctor Jeep / Detonation Boulevard
  5. Will I Dream?
  6. Crash And Burn
  7. Marian
  8. Giving Ground
  9. Arms
  10. Dominion/Mother Russia
  11. Summer
  12. Alice
  13. Anaconda
  14. Gift That Shines
  15. We Are The Same, Susanne
  16. Never Land
  17. Flood II
  18. More
  19. Temple Of Love
  20. First And Last And Always
  21. Pipeline
  22. Vision Thing

Additional Pictures

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Fanbase-produced Lightscribe artwork
Fanbase-produced cover art (front inlay complete)
Alternative self-made cover art (front)