Halloween's Day

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Halloween's Day - Cover (front) with red ribbon
Halloween's Day - Cover (front) with black ribbon

This 2LP bootleg is generally referred to as Halloween's Day or simply as Halloween,
after the notation on the rear of the sleeve and due to the fact that the recording featured
here is from the Lyceum show on 31st October 1984 (Halloween's night).

Halloween's Day - Overview with the vinyls, but no ribbon

The cover states that only 500 individually hand-numbered bootlegs were produced,
while the first 50 copies of which would be pressed on multi-coloured vinyls.

Rumour has it, however, that the bootleg makers got caught and most of the bootlegs
were confiscated and burned up. Only 50 copies(!) survived this tragic ending,
and that's what's left of it.

Possibly, the remaining copies were sent out with a black funeral ribbon instead of the
original red one, due to these occurrences. Be that as it may, the copies with red ribbons
are clearly more rare than those with a black one.

Very few further copies come with no ribbon at all - and also even without the regular sleeve!
These are stored in a white standard cover with a b/w xerox of the original back cover notes
on the backsleeve. Against all odds, those copies are still hand-numbered.

Of the multicoloured vinyls none have ever surfaced on the market.

Release Notes

  • Label: Merciful Fan Club Release
  • Catalogue#: SOM 22
  • Format: 2 x 12" vinyl LP
  • Released: 1985
  • Run-outs: SOM 22 A, B, C & D, respectively.


  • The records come with either a black or a red ribbon looped around the cover.
    Without such a ribbon, the bootleg is, basically, not complete.
  • All copies are handnumbered.
  • The vinyls are black with plain white labels.
    A copy with white labels and a red print (or a red hand-made lettering) does also exist.
  • The backsleeve notes:
    Recorded live on Halloween's Day...
    Limited edition of 500 copies. 50 in multicoloured vinyl. Your copy Nr_...
    This is a Merciful Fan Club Release. Thanks to Chris for Tickets and L for remix.
  • Despite these notes way less than 300 copies are likely to have survived the raid.
Copies seen so far are: 102, 125 (white standard cover with xerox),
as well as 147, 177, 185, 188, 192, 239, 292, 367, 368, 378, 379.
  • No multi-coloured copy has ever surfaced.
    It is not clear, whether these were not yet pressed when the bootlegger got busted
    or whether they were found during the raid and destroyed afterwards.

  • Several song titles in the track list are modified or mistaken:
Marian is listed as "Marianne",
A Rock And A Hard Place appears as "Walk In A Hard Place",
Knockin' On Heaven's Door is changed to "Knocking On Helen's Door" and
Adrenochrome is misspelt as "Adrenachrome".

Halloween's Day - Cover (back) with black ribbon


containing the full gig. Further more there appears:
though wrongly remarked as "live 82" on the cover back, and

Track List

Record One
A1   Burn B1   No Time To Cry
A2   Heartland B2   Anaconda
A3   Marian B3   Emma
A4   Walk Away B4   A Rock And A Hard Place
A5   Body And Soul                                                                 

Record Two
C1   Train D1   Knockin' On Heaven's Door
C2   Floorshow D2   Adrenochrome
C3   Alice D3   Temple Of Love
C4   Body Electric D4   1969
C5   Gimme Shelter                                                                  D5   Sister Ray

Additional Pictures

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Halloween's Day - Backcover Notes (detail)
Halloween's Day - Cover (front) of quite used a copy without ribbon
Halloween's Day - Cover (front) with the two vinyls
Some copies have the ribbon wrapped horizontally around the cover ...
... others vertically
Halloween's Day - Labels with red print or other lettering
Halloween's Day - Copy without regular cover - usually WITHOUT a ribbon as well.
Halloween's Day - Cover (back)
with xerox of original backsleeve notes
Halloween's Day - 2 x 12" vinyl LP