Heartland (song)

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Temple Of Love - Single Cover (front)

Some Girls Wander By Mistake - Cover (front)

Heartland was officially released on the single Temple Of Love

It can also be found on Some Girls Wander By Mistake ... and scores of Live Bootlegs ...


Lay me down the long white line
Leave the sirens far behind me
Paint my name in black and gold
My heart my flame my heart my road
My heartland fade across the line
Heartland sing the faces shining
In the failing failing failing
Heartland make the places mine

Clearly now the past mistakes
The giant steps we had to take
The path that ever promise made to
Die in dream dissolve and fade

My heartland heartland heartland (repeat x3)

Behind the lines a face that glimmers
Still looking for a face that shines
In the promise in the places
I'm going to make them mine

CHORUS (repeat x40)

Music: Gary Marx, Andrew Eldritch / Words: Andrew Eldritch
Lyrics and music are property and copyright of their respective rights holders and provided only for study purposes.


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The lyrics here are taken from The Sisters of Mercy official lyrics book Postcards From Above The Chemist