Instrumental 86

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Instrumental 86

An instrumental developed by The Sisters of Mercy in 2019.

It was first introduced to the audience on 12th September 2019 in the run-up gigs in Greece to the National Treasure Tour of 2019.

The track remained largely untitled ... until it was mentioned in this interview with Ben Christo in September 2021 as Instrumental 86

Here are some versions through time... with many thanks to the original uploaders.

Instrumental 86 - Fix Factory of Sound, Thessaloniki, Greece, 12.09.2019  - * video by Vangelis Anastasiou
Instrumental 86 - Rock City, Nottingham, UK, 11.03.2020  
* video by MrBlonde
Instrumental 86 - Roundhouse, London, UK 10.09.2021  
* video by Ingo Wennemaring