Knocking On Odeon's Door 1984

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Knocking On Odeon's Door - CD Cover (front)

Knocking On Odeon's Door 1984 / Save Me From Myself

An audience recording from The Sisters of Mercy's Black October Tour in 1984.

This recording was initially traded and shared among the fanbase on bootleg cassettes. A first transfer into data followed as soon as the technical circumstances allowed. Some CD artwork was created accordingly and spread under the title of "Save Me From Myself", see the pictures at the bottom of this page. A new transfer was undertaken in a common effort in 2015 resulting in the present release.

Recording Notes

  • Original Taper: unknown
  • Format (here): original cassette transferred into Data (FLACs) / CD
  • Original Transfer Lineage:
SOURCE: Cassette (AUD) --> ION Tape2PC
--> Audacity --> CD Wave --> FLAC (level 8)
  • 2015 Transfer Lineage:
SOURCE: Master Tape --> Kenwood TapeDeck
--> Edirol R09 HR 24/48 --> Wavelab 8,5 / Ozone 6 (for Mastering)
--> Audacity (for Tracksplitting) --> TLH --> FLAC 8
  • 2015 Transfer Credits:
Tape Owner: Ollie Conraculix
Tape Transfer: Cyberbio
Track Splitting: circle
Audio Patching: Egg Crisis
  • Realised: June 2015


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  • 2015 Producers' Notes:
Unofficial Fan Made product.
Share Freely. Do Not Sell!
Support the band by buying official products.

NOTE: a 2LP vinyl bootleg has meanwhile been realised as well, see Knocking On Odeon's Door (2LP).

Knocking On Odeon's Door - CD Cover (back)

Track List

01.    Burn
02.    Heartland
03.    Marian
04.    Walk Away
05.    Body And Soul
06.    No Time To Cry
07.    Anaconda
08.    Emma
09.    A Rock And A Hard Place
10.    Train
11.    Floorshow
12.    Alice
13.    Body Electric
14.    Gimme Shelter
15.    Knockin' On Heaven's Door
16.    Adrenochrome
17.    Louie Louie

Save Me From Myself

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Save Me From Myself - CD Cover (front)
Save Me From Myself - CD Cover (back)