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Leeds University 10-05-82 - Trading Cassette (with funny motive)

Release Notes
This is an audience live recording from The Sisters of Mercy's gig

on 5 October 1982 at Leeds University, when they had started touring the UK.

  • Format: C-90 cassette
nowadays this might rather be found on CD-r or in data formats
  • Duration: 33:52 min.


  • More recently, some trading cassette with this recording has surfaced, (see the pictures)
The photo on the insert is from the early 1990s, however, and is in no relation to the
featured recording of 1982 on the tape.
  • Two recordings from this concert are known to exist, both of good sound quality.
One of them lacks the final 1969 do, while the quality of sound on that one is slightly better.
  • This/these audience recording(s) is/are available and in circulation among the fanbase.

Leeds University 10-05-82 - Trading Cassette - Insert and Tape

Any further information on this recording or other such trading cassettes

with this concerrt is very welcome.

Track List