Live In Dresden 17-09-2017

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Alter Schlachthof Dresden Logo.jpg
Alter Schlachthof Dresden Logo.jpg
Alter Schlachthof Dresden Logo.jpg
Dresden 2017 - CD Cover Front (inside)
Live in Dresden 17-09-2017 - CD Cover (front)
Live in Dresden 17-09-2017 - CD Cover Front (inside)

During their Sisters 2017 Tour returning from two great gigs in Poland for another stopover in Germany,

The Sisters of Mercy brought their show to the "Old Slaughterhouse" in Dresden and surprised their audience

with the appearance of Lisa Cuthbert as an additional background singer for most of the encores.

The whole concert was recorded from the audience and later shared and then circulated among the fanbase.

Opening act were The Membranes, whose set is also included in this recording.

Dresden 2017 - CD Cover (front)

Recording Notes

  • Taper: karstenausNDH
  • Format: data (FLACs) or 2 x CD-r
  • Equipment
-->> Device: Roland R-09HR
-->> Micro5/6: OKM-Soundman-PopAV
-->> (normalisation -0.1db)
  • Lineage:
-->> Rec-Mode: WAV 16bit-44.1kHZ
-->> Audition CS6 -->> Tracksplitting
-->> Wave -->> FLAC
  • Recorded from 2nd row (2m from stage center)
  • Circulated: September 2017


EBay Forbidden text.jpg
  • All coverart is produced by the fanbase.
  • "Dresden 2017" (including The Membranes) by Planet Dave
  • "Live Dresden 17-09-2017" (Sisters Show only) by Reverend

Back Cover Notes

  • © 2017 A Non-Merciful Release
All rights reserved. All wrongs reversed
Compiled by fans for fans. No copying
Subject by applicable laws
For promotional purposes only

Concert Information

   Band / Line-up    Event details
   ●  Andrew Eldritch - vocals    ●  Artist: The Sisters of Mercy
   ●  Doktor Avalanche - drums etc    ●  Support: MEMbRANES
   ●  Ravey Davey - nurse to the Doktor    ●  City: Dresden (Germany)
   ●  Chris Catalyst - guitar and backing vocals                                              ●  Stage: Alter Schlachthof
   ●  Ben Christo - guitar and backing vocals    ●  Date: 2017-09-17

Dresden 2017 - CD Cover (back)
Live in Dresden 17-09-2017 - CD Cover (back)

Track Lists

    Main Show     Encores
   ●  More    ●  That's When I Reach For My Revolver
   ●  Ribbons    ●  Dominion / Mother Russia ***
   ●  Doctor Jeep / Detonation Boulevard                              ●  Temple Of Love ***
   ●  Crash And Burn    ●  This Corrosion ***
   ●  Walk Away     *** featuring Lisa Cuthbert on backing vocals
   ●  No Time To Cry
   ●  Body And Soul
   ●  Marian     THE MEMBRANES
   ●  Arms    ●  DARK ENERGY
   ●  Lucretia, My Reflection    ●  IN THE GRAVEYARD
   ●  Summer    ●  DO THE SUPERNOVA
   ●  First And Last And Always    ●  SPACE JUNK
   ●  Rumble    ●  BLACK IS THE COLOUR
   ●  Flood II    ●  THE HUM OF THE UNIVERSE
   ●  Something Fast    ●  MYTHS AND LEGENDS

Taper's Remarks

This is a private recording, Achtung! Dies ist eine private Aufnahme, Erinnerung an einen
souvenir of an evening which can not be described with words,               Abend der mit Worten nicht zu beschreiben ist,
not meant for any commercial re-distribution. nicht bestimmt für den kommerziellen Weitervertrieb.
Please, out of respect for the artist Bitte aus Respekt für die Mühe der Künstler und Eurer
and your ears do not convert to .mp3. Ohren nicht in das Format MP3 umwandeln.

Live in Dresden 17-09-2017 - CD Cover Front Inlay (complete)


  • Dirk to organize and beer,
  • Andreas for setlist, photos and invitation

Venue Information

Artists Information

Additional Pictures

This set of photos was shared together with the recordings from the show.

They are therefore and for your pleasure presented here as well.

- Please click into the images for larger views -

Dresden 2017 - Announcement Poster
Andrew Eldritch on stage @Schlachthof Dresden 2017 - photo from the gig