Live In Hamburg 2001

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An audience recording that has made its way onto various bootlegs of sorts ...

Live In Hamburg 2001' - Cover (front)
Live In Hamburg 2001 - Cover (back)
Live In Hamburg 2001 - Front inlay (complete)

Release Notes

Remarks on for further issues

  • For the following two issues there is no information available.
  • Tracks are all the same for all editions.
  • Nothing is known about any possible varieties of sound quality.

Note: Since they are based on audience recordings, none of the present "releases" are meant for sale!!!

HAMBURG 26th FEBRUARY 2001 - Cover (front)
Live In Hamburg 26.02.2001 - Cover (front)
Live In Hamburg 26.02.2001 - Cover (back)


CD 1 CD 2
First And Last And Always                                                                                       We Are The Same, Susanne
Ribbons Romeo Down
Come Together On The Wire / Teachers
Crash And Burn Anaconda
Body Electric (112BPM) Vision Thing
Will I Dream? War On Drugs
Dominion/Mother Russia Capricorn
Summer I Didn't Know I Loved You ('til I Saw You Rock & Roll)
Flood I Top Nite Out (called Snub Nose on the setlist)
Alice Temple Of Love
Giving Ground