Liverpool Warehouse 24-03-83

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Inlay of home-made trading cassette from recent online auctions

Over the years, a variety of cassettes featuring an audience recording of

The Sisters of Mercy's show at Warehouse, Liverpool on 24 January 1983

have been spread. Of this concert, there are at least two different recordings

known to exist.

Release Notes

  • Taper(s): DJones et al / Watson
  • Format: cassette tape
Nowadays, such recordings are mostly shared and spread in data formats.
Often enough, though, they are seen sold in CD-r format in online auctions.
Beyond that, there is no guarantee that any recording sold in online auctions
be it in tape or CD-r format comes in the original quality delivered by the
above mentioned tapers!
  • Duration(s): - unknown -

Trading cassette (front) seen in recent online auctions



  • Sound Quality: very good to excellent
  • The coverart to such tapes is done by the traders
and the photos used do not necessarily stem from the according gig.
  • More or less often, cassettes featuring this concert
would also have a second gig on the other side of the tape.

Inlay from an old trading cassette featuring two gigs

Track List

B-side of an old trading cassette featuring this gig

Any further information on this or other recordings of The Sisters of Mercy's performance

at Liverpool Warehouse on January 24th, 1983 is very welcome.

Additional Pictures

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CD-r with this recording as seen sold in online auctions
Poorly printed tape inlay as recently sold in online auctions
The front of that tape with a casually chosen photo of The Sisters of Mercy on stage around the time