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London 2015 - CD Cover (front)
London 2015 - CD Cover Front (inner side)

The final UK-gig of The Sisters of Mercy

during their October Tour in 2015 took place

at The Roundhouse, London, on October 18th.

Two audience recordings from the fanbase

are definietly known to exist.

Recording Notes

  • Tapers:
Recording 1: n.n.
Recording 2: cyberbio
  • Format (both): data (MP3 in one track) or CD-r
  • Lineage (recording 2):
--> SP-CMC-8 HC --> Edirol R09HR
--> TLH --> MP3
  • Circulated: (both) October 2015

EBay Forbidden text.jpg


  • Fanbase-produced cover art by Reverend
  • Back Cover Notes (exerpts):
A Non-Merciful Release
All rights reserved. All wrongs reversed.
Compiled by fans for fans. No copying.
For promotional use only.
The contents of this DVD can be viewed here.

NOTE: Despite all beggings and warnings, some fake CD-r volumes have surfaced in online auctions already,

  one of which coming with a keyring (see the picture down below). Do not buy into any such fake, while fanbase productions are for free.

Track List

London 2015 - CD Cover (back)
  • Jihad - (The Sisterhood cover)

Band / Line-up

Additional Pictures

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London 2015 - CD Cover Front (complete)
London 2015 - Fake CD (front view)
London 2015 - Another Fake CD with keyring