Lyceum 31-10-84

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Lyceum Tape Cover

Bootleg cassette from The Sisters of Mercy's Black October Tour 1984,

also including several tracks from the Radio One Sessions 1984.

Release Notes

  • Original Title: LYCEUM 31/10/84
  • Label: PSYCHO tapes



  • Song titles are partly wrong or not detected.

Track List

Lyceum Tape
LYCEUM 31/10/84                           wrongly listed as
1. Burn
2. Heartland            
3. Marian       Marianne
4. Walk Away
5. Body And Soul Body and Soul
6. No Time To Cry No Time to Cry
7. Anaconda
8. Emma Emily
9. A Rock And A Hard Place            Untitled
10. Train Untitled
11. Floorshow
12. Alice
13. Body Electric
14. Gimme Shelter
15. Knockin' On Heaven's Door        Knocking on Heavens Door
16. Adrenochrome Adrenchrome

JOHN PEEL SESSION 1/8/84          wrongly listed as
17. No Time To Cry                          No Time to Cry
18. Emma Emily
19. Walk Away