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NRUB - Cover (front)

The title of this 7" bootleg derives from the fact that the complete cover is mirror inverted so that BURN can be read NRUB.
Therefore the single is also known as Burn 7". As the mirror-inverted Head & Star logo on the back cover is crossed by the
lettering "FIERCER THAN THOU" and the same lettering does appear on the vinyl as well, this bootleg single is referred to
as Fiercer Than Thou as well. The title track of this single can also be found on the Rare Obscurities bootleg-CD.

The Sisters of Mercy - NRUB
NRUB - Cover (back)

Release Notes

  • Catalogue#: Fiercer 002
  • Format: 7" vinyl single
  • Released: 1986


  • limited edition of 1.000 copies
  • released in two edtions at once
  • first edition in black and gold cover
  • second edition in b/w cover with some hand-colouring added
  • The hand-coloured b&w version was used by the label as a
promo/giveaway immediately on release.


  • Side A - "rocking the boat in swansea."
  • Side B - "thanks to the teen messiah (young adult)"

For recent price developments see sistersbootlegs/nrub or popsike/nrub.

Track List

Side A - NRUB (Bizarro Remix)           Side B - Ripsters Of Mercy mixed by Aural Terrorist

NRUB - First edition black/gold cover (front)

About the tracks

  • NRUB is Burn played backwards.
Due to this, some of the singing appears no longer backwards, however, so that the following lyrics lines can be identified:

The catherine wheel a ring of fire
We'll burn this circus down
The wheel goes round and the flames get higher

For the juggling men and the idiot clowns

Parts of this text can also be found in the lyrics to Burn It Down.

Some interesting facts about "NRUB" are also mentioned in the entry Burn (It Down) - demo at the I Was A Teenage Sisters of Mercy Fan blog.

Additional Pictures

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Edition with black/gold cover and vinyl
Edition with black/gold cover (back)
Fiercer Than Thou - Label