New Haven 2008 - Election Night Special

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Fanbase-produced coverart (front)
Fanbase-produced coverart (front)
Fanbase-produced coverart (front)

Some audience recording from The Sisters' Ocean To Ocean Tour in 2008.

At least three different recordings of this concert are known to exist, which are circulated in various data formats.

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Release Notes

  • Tapers: among others JRBUNGEETROLL (Live Connecticut) / j7 (FLACs rem.) / E.D. (WAVs)
  • Format: 2 x CD-r or data files (FLACs [remastered] / WAVs / M4As)
  • Circulated: between 2008 and 2019
  • Our thanks go to Heartland Forum member Planet Dave for most of the cover art up here.
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  • Another bootleg recording from this day is titled This Side Of Paradise, see the picture top right
  • And there is a further one called Live Connnecticut, the cover art for which was made
by Tom Riddler (Woolfen) and can be found below.

Track List

Fanbase-produced coverart (back)

Live Connecticut Cover Art

Cover art by Tom Riddler (Woolfen) - Please click into the files for larger views. -

Live Connecticut - CD Cover (front)
Live Connecticut - Disc 1
Live Connecticut - disc 2
Live Connecticut - CD Cover (back)
Live Connecticut - Front Inlay (complete)