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A live bootleg-single from The Sisters or Mercy's UK Spring Tour in 1983

Nightmares - Cover (front)
Nightmares - Cover (back)

Release Notes

  • Label: Blood Money Mobile Studio
  • Catalogue# and ROGI: 23-1/2
  • Format: 7" vinyl single
  • Released: 1986 (UK)


  • A limited edition of 600 copies in total
  • Made in Italy
  • The vinyls come in a slightly oversized cardboard picture sleeve.

Certain varieties are known to exist:

  • vinyls with glossy sleeves - about 550/600 copies
and vinyls with matte sleeves - about 50/600 copies
  • Some vinyls come with plain white labels,
while others have "1" and "2" printed on the otherwise white labels.
  • The records are more or less the same for each cover version.
  • Some of them feature a short audio sample as intro before Jolene
and/or as outro after Adrenochrome.
  • Not all pressings come with both, the intro and the outro,
Some do not feature the outro.
  • There are also vinyls with only the two main tracks on them
and with neither an intro nor an outro
  • The appearence of an intro and/or outro is completely independent
from whether the cover of a vinyl is glossy or matte,
or whether its labels are plain white or show the side numbers.


Back Cover Notes

  • Recorded live at the Gala in Norwich, April 21, 1983 by Blood Money Mobile Studio
  • Recording engineer: Andy Taylor (i.e. Andrew Eldritch)
  • This is the original edition of 600 copies.

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Additional Pictures

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Nightmares - Plain White Label (Side 1)
Nightmares - Plain White Label (Side 2)
Nightmares - Numbered White Label (Side 1)
Nightmares - Numbered White Label (Side 2)