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Palazzograssi Christmas Card

Palazzograssi Records is the trading name of The Phantom Twins, two nice blokes, (not as widely assumed from Leeds, but from
elsewhere in the great Socialist Republic that was South Yorkshire in the 1980s!), whose sole aim in their time as Palazzograssi was
to bring "interesting and quality recordings by The Sisters Of Mercy which are unavailable through Merciful Release". Groovy.

It's fairly clear that Palazzograssi obtained their recordings from a source very close to the band, so it has been the subject of much
speculation how closely connected Palazzograssi was to Andrew Eldritch or other members of the band. It has been remarked that
control over your own band's bootlegs is a very good way to make money from a band while circumventing the control of, and financial
obligations to, a record company. On the other hand, taking a straight look at Palazzosgrassi's production, it does not seem very likely
there was much truth behind these rumours ...

Anyway, a piece of interest is surely also the discography booklet envisaged to come with the unreleased Reverberation Across The Nation LP.


  Title  Catalogue#    Format   Released   Further Details
   1.  Silence Is Platinum       PG01      Box set with 2x7" vinyl single     1987 / 1989      Released in two limited editions of 1.000 resp. 40 copies   
   2.  Victims Of Circumstance       PG02     7" vinyl single     1987   Originally, a limited edition of 1.000 copies
  Various further editions and testpressing do exist.  
   3.  Reverberation Across The Nation       PG03     intended 12" vinly LP      unreleased      The envisaged content was a live recording   
  of The Sisters' gig at Teatro Espero, Rome, Italy 02.05.1985  
   4.  The Last Magician Of Rational Thought       PG04   7" vinyl single   1988   Limited edition of 1,526 copies in total, featuring four tracks
  from the WEA recording session on January 11th, 1985 for  
  The Sisters of Mercy's first album First And Last And Always  
   5.  The Colour And The Carnage       PG05   intended 12" vinyl LP      unreleased      Envisaged content were some live tracks from The Sisters' 
  gig on June 2nd, 1984 at the Melkweg, Amsterdam, NL 
   6.  Kill The Lights     PG06   12" vinyl LP
  or box-set   
  1990   A limited edition of 1,500 copies featuring demos, session
  tracks and mixes. The cover shows Andrew Eldritch in white
  fencing cloth on a white background.
  5 box-sets do exist as well.
   7.  Entertainment Or Death     PGCD007     CD   1992   Features various session tracks, demos and mixes
  from between 1983-1986
   8.  Palazzograssi Christmas Cards       PG08   Christmas Card   - unknown -   These extremely rare cards included information about
  former and forthcoming releases.
   9.  In The Shadow Of Angels     PG09   12" vinyl LP   1992   Contains various demos, many of which are mere
  instrumentals, and a live version of Poison Door
  performed by Ghost Dance.
 10.  The Unmarked Door     PGCD10     CD   - unknown -   Features a complete recording from The Sisters gig
  on June 2nd, 1984 at the Melkweg, Amsterdam, NL.

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7" Singles

Silence Is Platinum - Box Set
Silence Is Platinum - Red Gatefold Release
Victims Of Circumstance- 7"
The Last Magician Of Rational Thought

LPs And CDs

Kill The Lights - LP
Entertainment Or Death - CD
In The Shadow Of Angels - LP
The Unmarked Door - CD