Panic In Their Eyes (12" vinyl)

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Panic In Their Eyes - Cover (front)

Release Notes

  • Label: NINDO MUSIC
  • Catalogue#: NM84
  • Format: 12" vinyl LP
  • Released: since 2009, successively (Australia)


  • Very good sound quality - sound board recording
  • The present vinyl version has been released
in various vinyl colours and with varying bonus items.
  • All of these versions share the same catalogue#.
  • The cover art used here has been used years ago for the Rough Diamonds bootleg,
    which features a collection of live tracks from various concerts in 1981, 1984 and 1985.



2009/2010 - First Edition

  • The first vinyl edition was limited to 300 coloured vinyls in total.
  • The colours spread as follows:
    - 100 on aqua-blue (or green) marbled vinyl
    - 100 on green vinyl and
    - 100 on grey vinyl
  • The labels are black, i.e. there are no labels.
Panic In Their Eyes - Aqua Blue Marbled Vinyl (first edition)
Panic In Their Eyes - Green Vinyl (first edition)
Panic In Their Eyes - Grey Vinyl (first edition)

2010 - Limited Edition with Bonus CD

  • Limited edition of 100 copies in total coming with a bonus CD of the concert.
  • According to the bootlegger, half of these were olive green and the other half purple (mauve).
  • Anyway, all these issues come with a hand-numbered limited-edition sticker mentioning the bonus CD either on the cover or on the inner sleeve.

PITE Green With Bonus CD.jpg
PITE Green With Bonus CD Back.jpg
PITE Mauve with Bonus CD.jpg

2011 - Bi-coloured Edition

  • Limited edition of 100 special bi-coloured copies.
  • The vinyls are on one half clear red and on the other half just clear.
  • The labels are black, i.e. there are no labels.
  • These copies are not numbered, but do obviously have a barcode on the cover back.
Panic In Their Eyes - Cover (front)
Panic In Their Eyes - Cover (back)
Panic In Their Eyes - Vinyl
Panic In Their Eyes - Vinyl on inner sleeve

Picture Disc Versions

  • First released in Australia (2009) as a limited edition of 100 copies coming in a textured cover,
with a hand-numbered sticker on front and including a postcard and a poster, see Panic In Their Eyes (Picture Disc).
  • A later Greek edition (2010) comes in a mere plastc sleeve (see pictures below).
The printing on the vinyl claims that it is a limited edition, but there is no information given on how many were made.
Most likely, this version is just a bootleg of a bootleg, since the Greek manufacturer already copied the Australian
CD version of this release for an A5-size CD-book issue ("strictly" limited and very expensive, of course).
  • The sound quality is identical to other releases, but the recording level is audibly lower.
(An effect, occurring regularly with picture discs, possibly caused by the process of inking the vinyl.)
  • On the vinyl itself there is no information about the label or manufacturer, and there is no catalogue# or a barcode, either.
The Australian Picture Disc Edition has a barcode on the cover - like all the other versions mentioned here in this page.

Panic In Their Eyes
- Greek Picture Disc in plastic wrap (front)
Panic In Their Eyes
- Greek Picture Disc in plastic wrap (back)
Panic In Their Eyes - Australian Picture Disc Set (overview)

Panic In Their Eyes - 12" Cover (back)

Track List

Side 1

Burn 3:41
Heartland 3:52
Body And Soul                                                                   3:53
Anaconda 3:31
Walk Away 3:58
Emma 7:42

Side 2

Floorshow 3:52
Adrenochrome                                                                   3:54
Alice 3:38
Body Electric 5:27
Gimme Shelter 5:57
Sister Ray 6:47