Paris 2019

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Paris 2019 - CD Cover (front)
Paris 2019 - CD Cover Front (inside)

An audience recording from The Sisters of Mercy's

worldwide National Treasure Tour in 2019.

Recording Notes

  • Taper: Jean Banaix
  • Format: Data (WAVs) or CDr
  • Equipment / Lineage: - unknown -
  • Circulated: October 2019


@Le Bataclan, Paris, France

EBay Forbidden text.jpg
  • Very good sound quality
For this recording, two different back covers were done,
one with National Treasure motive
and the other one with the recent standars tour logo.
Please check the pictures on the right side.
Paris 2019 - CD Cover (back)


Track List

Paris 2019 - CD Cover II (back)
  • Instrumental