Polytechnic - Leicester - England

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Bootleg tape featuring this recording - Insert

This is an audience live recording taken during The Sisters of Mercy's gig

on 9 October 1982 at Leicester Polytechnic.

Release Notes

  • Taper: n.a.
  • Format: Cassette - nowadays in CD-r or data formats, rather
  • Duration: 18:13 min.
  • Circulated: from the 1980s on
Handwritten track list of the bootleg tape


  • Rather medium sound quality
  • This recording is the only one known to exist of this concert
and is in circulation among the fanbase.
  • As the recording is not all that long, it can regularly be found
in combination with other concerts and tracks on home-made bootleg tapes
or trading cassettes as the one pictured here.

Track List

Any further information on this or other recordings from the present gig should be very welcome.