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Sao Paulo 1990 - Fanbase-produced cover (front)

An audience recording from The Sisters of Mercy's first tourdates in Brazil 1990.

Release Notes

  • Format: CD-r or datafiles in FLAC or MP3
  • Thanks to Heartland Forum member Planet Dave for the cover artwork
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The tracks for this bootleg were apparently compiled from the above mentioned gigs;
so the tracklist here is not identical with any of the two setlists from the actual concerts.

It looks likely that the last four songs are the encores of October 27th,
while the main part of the concert was recorded the day before.

Anyway, none of the concerts is featured completely.
Something Fast and Emma were played as encores on 26th October 1990 and are missing.
On October 27th, Temple Of Love appeared in the set at the end of the main gig.

NOTE: This recording is by no means meant for sale!!!

Track List

Sao Paulo 1990 - Fanbase-produced cover (back)
Track Likely recorded on
01   First And Last And Always                             26th October 1990
02   Lucretia, My Reflection 26th October 1990
03   Body And Soul 26th October 1990
04   Temple Of Love 26th October 1990
05   Detonation Boulevard 26th October 1990
06   When You Don't See Me 26th October 1990
07   Marian 26th October 1990
08   Valentine 26th October 1990
09   Doctor Jeep 26th October 1990
10   Dominion/Mother Russia 26th October 1990
11   Alice 26th October 1990
12   Gimme Shelter 26th October 1990
13   Vision Thing 27th October 1990
14   This Corrosion 27th October 1990
15  Jolene 27th October 1990
16   1969 27th October 1990