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Razorblades Picture Disc Front

A bootleg of The Sisters of Mercy's gig at the Mallemunt Festival in Belgium 1983.

This recording is, however, incomplete and does not give the whole concert.

Also the origin of the audio on this record is not known.

Release Notes

  • Label: unknown
  • Format: LP - Picture Disc
  • Catalogue#: none
  • Released: 2011 (Greece)


  • No cover, comes in a generic transparent plastic sleeve
  • Allegedly a limited edition of 100 copies, numbered in the center of side B.
  • Strange note on the back side, (possibly just a misspelling): TURN IN! TURN ON! BURN OUT!
  • Sold on Ebay in January 2011 for € 225,84,
did not sell for € 47,18 in November 2015


Razorblades Picture Disc Back

Side A

A1   Valentine
A2   Anaconda
A3   Alice
A4   Burn
A5   Emma

Side B

B1   Heartland
B2   Jolene
B3   Adrenochrome
B4   Floorshow
B5   Gimme Shelter
B6   Body Electric