Reverberation Across The Nation

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Reverberation Across The Nation - Cover (front)

A live bootleg from The Sisters of Mercy's show at Teatro Espero, Rome, Italy 02.05.1985,

unfortunately and for unknown reasons, it never saw the light of day.

Release Notes

  • Catalogue#: PG 03
  • Format: 12" vinyl LP incl. discography booklet
  • Release: didn't develop beyond test pressing and proof copy


  • This bootleg was announced as a limited edition of 50 copies of a 12" vinyl LP
coming with a discography booklet and was already given the catalogue number PG 03.
  • Two test pressings on black vinyl with plain white labels as well as of the intended
accompanying discography booklet do, however, exist. For a complete view of
the 33-page discography booklet, please see the pictures down below.

Reverberation Across The Nation.jpg

Remarks on the snippet on the right side

  • This was long thought to be the snippet of a postcard alledgedly announcing the release and
- a fake which appeared years after it was long clear that no actual release would ever surface.
In fact, it is an A4 scan of the top left hand corner of the sleeve made for a collector to give
an impression of what the bootleg cover would look like.

Page 1 of the discography booklet:   -   Where to begin?...


This recording does not give the full concert. Body And Soul, Possession and Walk Away are missing,
while Train is moved from the final position to A2.
  • It was long assumed that the present bootleg would deliver a complete recording with correct track order
    and its release was therefore dearly awaited.
  • The concert (though incomplete as well) is also featured on the Black Planet CD-bootleg.
  • Beyond that, at least two audience recordings of the full concert are known to exist
    and are in circulation among the fanbase.

Track List

Side 1 Side 2
A1   First And Last And Always                                                 B1   A Rock And A Hard Place
A2   Train B2   Floorshow
A3   Marian B3   Alice
A4   No Time To Cry B4   Gimme Shelter
A5   Emma B5   Knockin' On Heaven's Door

Additional Pictures

Proof Print of the Discography Booklet


  • The page numbering of the discography booklet in this proof went astray at page 8,
which appears two times and continues in wrong order unto page 26 (here 25).
Then the 7"/EP section starts with new numbering from 1-7.
got mixed into the 12"s section.

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