Rise And Reverberate

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Rise And Reverberate - Cover (front/first edition)
Rise And Reverberate - Cover (back)

A CD-bootleg from the early 1990ies, issued in two editions.

Release Notes

  • Label: Sherwood
  • Catalogue#: Robin Hood I
  • Format: CD
  • Released: 1992


  • A complete live recording from
the 10th of March 1991 at the Rolling Stones, Milan, Italy
  • Total running time: 78:43

Rise And Reverberate - Inlay


  • Error on the cover front: THE SISTER OF MERCY instead of THE SISTERS OF MERCY ...
according to the ultimatesistersguide this error was rectified with the second edition.
We have now been able to find some according photos, see down below...
  • Jolene credited to O. Newton-John
  • Print on CD: "Tracks selected by Frate Frittella".


Rise And Reverberate - Disc
First And Last And Always                                                     4:15
Lucretia, My Reflection 5:10
Body And Soul 3:25
Ribbons 4:40
Alice 3:25
Dominion/Mother Russia 5:01
Amphetamine Logic 3:50
Detonation Boulevard 3:40
Marian 4:10
This Corrosion 4:30
Gimme Shelter 5:50
Temple Of Love 8:22
Something Fast 2:45
Jolene 2:40
Valentine 4:34
Vision Thing 4:32

Additional Pictures

Here are some pictures of the 2nd edition with the band's name corrected. Please click inside for larger views.

Rise And Reverberate - 2nd edition CD cover (front)
Rise And Reverberate - 2nd edition CD cover (back)
Rise And Reverberate - 2nd edition CD (tray)