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A Yorkshire based band, formed in 1983.

Their first single Girlsoul was produced by Andrew Eldritch and released in 1983 on Merciful Release, under Catalogue#s MR025 (7") and MR025X (12").

Clash Of Dream - envisaged cover art

A short time later in 1984 followed their 6-track debut album Clash Of Dreams,

again produced by Andrew Eldritch at the Strawberries Studios in Stockport,

Merciful Release Catalogue# MR031, due to be released in March 1985

Unfortunately, things went not the way it was intended,

the album was put on hold and has never been made available until this very day.

October 4, 2011 - EDIT: Clash Of Dreams can currently be listened to online under this pretty link. Enjoy!

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UPDATE December, 2014 - Salvation have recently eventually officially released their album Clash Of Dreams.

It is available for purchase and with a freshly designed cover under this pretty link...

Salvation - Clash Of Dreams - CD Album Cover (front)

Track List (2014 Release)

Track         Title Duration
    1  The October Hour    4:13
    2 Clash Of Dreams    6:33
    3 Jessica's Crime    4:48
    4 Burning On    2:25
    5 No Return    5:04
    6 Sea Of Dreams    7:41
    7 Dust Up  14:38
    8 Evelyn    7:46
    9 Girlsoul (12" Version)    4:49
   10 The October Hour (Now)            3:40

Band/Recording Personnel (original recording)

  • Daniel Mass - Vocals
  • Mike Hayes - Guitar
  • James Elmore - Bass
  • Doktor Avalanche - Drums

For more details about the official 2014 release and the according credits,

please check discogs/Salvation/Clash Of Dreams