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SHOT - VHS Cover

Shot  features all the promotional videos for the Floodland album.

The compilation was originally published as a VHS-video and

meant to be the second Sisters video release after Wake.

Shot - Cover with VHS cassette

Release Notes

  • Catalogue #: 244053-3
  • Format: VHS, compilation
  • Released: 31 October 1988
  • Country: UK
  • Total Running Time: 17:14 min.

A Chinese video-CD does exist as well...

details on this item have, however, not yet surfaced.

In 1993, the follow-up compilation Shot Rev. 2.0 was released.

It included the present Floodland videos again.

Front Cover Chinese CD version

With technical progress over time, DVD bootlegs featuring these

video tracks have appeared in various online auctions as well.

Shot - VHS (front)

Track List

Title Directed by
1   This Corrosion Stuart Orme
2   Sandstorm/Dominion David Hogan
3   Lucretia, My Reflection           Peter Sinclair
4   1959 Peter Sinclair

Photography by Martin Strickland