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Official tour poster for the first part of the tour

In 2014, The Sisters' tour consisted of two parts, the first one in May 2014

and part two in July, arriving at a total of 17 gigs in Western and Eastern Europe.

Tour Schedule

May 201 - First Round

  • 21 May 2014 Zurich, Switzerland - x-tra
  • 24 May 2014 Esch-sur-Alzette, Luxembourg - Rockhal   ***
  • 25 May 2014 Amsterdam, The Netherlands - Melkweg   ***
  • 26 May 2014 Hamburg, Germany - Docks   (***)

Support act for most of this part of the tour were the band Losers.

MMXIV - First Round (DVD) - Come Feel The Arms Around You - DVD Cover (front)

July 2014 - Second Round

  • 07 July 2014 Glasgow, Scotland - O2 ABC   (***)

The festival gig at Rock Zottegem saw Lisa Cuthbert on background vocals again.

Band / Line-up


Apart from Ever Forward, a tour name which developed out of discussions among the fanbase, Come Feel The Arms Around You, a line from the song Arms, was the motto of this tour. The latter is also mentioned on the official tour t-shirts, see "Merchandise", and was used as the subtitle for the video compilation MMXIV - First Round (DVD), which features a series of audience video recordings from the concerts in May 2014. A similar DVD from the second part of the tour in July is not known to exist.


Many of the above gigs were recorded. These are marked with ***. Clicking on these asterisks will get you to the according infopage and coverart for the audio recording.

  • For the Hamburg concert no coverart or page has been created so far.
  • Esch-sur-Alzette can be found on DVD only.
  • The recording from Sonisphere 2014 does exist in the format of a compilation video only, available on YT and on the page for that gig.
  • The Glasgow gig can be found in audio (2 versions) and video format. Both, however without any coverart and infopage.

Berlin 2014 CD Cover Front.jpg
Vienna front.jpg
Vienna 2014 DVD Cover Front.jpg
Munich 2014 CD Front.jpg
Brussels 2014 CD Cover Front.jpg
Rockhal 2014 DVD Cover Front.jpg
Amsterdam 2014 CD Cover Front.jpg

All of these recordings are in circulation among the fanbase, except the bootleg LP of course. A few more recordings might exist, but these are beyond our knowing.

For further information about the individual gigs please see the according links, where video recordings of individual songs are often available,

and/or check the Sisters 2014 - Ever Forward Section @Heartland Forums. In addition, there are plenty concert videos on YouTube.


Apart from the items clearly discernible in the pictures below, a few other articles were on sale during this tour.

Discussions on these can be found in the thread 2014 Merchandise (Shocked and Stunned) @The Heartland Forums' Archives.

The Merchandise Stall
Tour T-Shirt - black (front)
Tour T-Shirt - black (back with tour dates)

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