Stairway To Heaven (bootleg)

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Stairway To Heaven - CD Cover (front)
Stairway To Heaven - CD Cover (back)

Stairway To Heaven is a bootleg from The Sisters of Mercy's gig at King George Hall, Blackburn in 1985.

A LP bootleg of this concert does also exist and is titled "Heaven Can Wait". The recording on there is, however, an incomplete version.

This was the only occasion where The Sisters of Mercy performed Stairway To Heaven

live with lyrics. They had played the song a few times before, but only as an instrumental

introduction to their Sister Ray / Ghostrider medleys.

Tape cover for a recording of The Sisters of Mercy's gig at Blackburn, King George's Hall

However, after this concert, maybe since Eldritch forgot (or just didn't know) the words,

they never performed Stairway To Heavenas a separate song again.

Most likely a cassette like the one you see here on the right is

the origin of the recording used for this CD production.

Release Notes

  • Label: Cenobyte Sounds
  • Catalogue#: 0012/0013
  • Format: 2 x CD-r
  • Released: 2002


  • Bizarrely, the cover art, and both CDs (printed CD-rs) advertise the bootleg
    as a 2CD Set For The Price Of A Single CD!.
  • The CDs themselves have no artwork, but have the band name, the bootleg name,
    the venue and the date printed on them, as well as the following:

Stairway To Heaven - Discs in tray
Disc 1 Disc 2
DISC ONE (left of centre) DISC TWO (left of centre)
Cenobyte Sounds 0012/0013 Cenobyte Sounds 0012/0013
Running Time 46:38 Running Time 39:33
CENOBYTE (right of centre)                               CENOBYTE (right of centre)
©2002 Cenobyte Sounds
           All Rights Reserved
©2002 Cenobyte Sounds
           All Rights Reserved
Manufactured In The EU Manufactured In The EU


Track List

Disc One Disc Two  Sister Ray Medley (course)
  1.   First And Last And Always                                      1.   A Rock And A Hard Place                                      00:00  -   Drums start
  2.   Body And Soul   2.   Floorshow   00:12  -   Guitars start
  3.   Train   3.   Alice   00:34  -   "Sister Ray!"
  4.   Marian   4.   Body Electric   01:07  -   Vocals start
  5.   No Time To Cry   5.   Gimme Shelter   06:52  -   Vocals stop
  6.   Possession   6.   Some Kind Of Stranger   07:08  -   Drums stop
  7.   Walk Away   7.   Stairway To Heaven   07:24  -   Guitar feedback fades out
  8.   Burn   8.   Sister Ray
  9.   Emma
10.   Amphetamine Logic

Quotes From The Gig

  • "Don't worry, we ain't gonna take it out on you, cause the rest of Blackburn didn't turn up... Body And Soul." (before Body And Soul)
  • Eldritch: "Thanks.. ..this concerns.."
    Audience member: "How's your hair!?"
    Eldritch: "Fine thank you, how's yours? ...Concerns trains!" (introducing Train)
  • "For those of us who can't be with us today.. it's time for.. [silhouettes?]... Marian!" (after Train, introducing Marian)
  • "What? Oh, come one.. one at a time! You in the yellow flares, what?"
    (as audience shouts various things. The one in the yellow flares doesn't say anything audible.)
  • "Ah.. this is definitely for you. Ah! Far too slow.. far too fast! Next! It's called Possession." (introducing Possession)
  • "It's always a hazard.." (mumbled after Possession)
  • Eldritch: "Ah ah ah ah ah.. calm down, calm down!"
    Audience member: "On The Wire!" (the audience start screaming song names)
    Eldritch: "Listen! We don't know those songs anymore. No, really, we forgot them." (before Emma)
  • "Here it comes" (before Alice)
  • "Knock, knock, knockin' on heaven's door" (female audience member near bootlegger)
  • "This.. you're not gonna like this. What can I say? Yeah, I know.. I guess I was just born lucky really.
    If you feel like me, maybe you ought to go see my mother some time. She's called Some Kind Of Stranger."
    (introducing Some Kind Of Stranger)
  • "Just sometimes.. when you're not looking.. thanks." (after Some Kind Of Stranger as the audience are shouting for more)
  • Eldritch: "We're gonna write this even worse. Shut up! You've never heard us play this before, have you?
    Probably never will.. There's a bus goes now from out there, you'd be advised."

    Audience member: "Get on with it!"
    Elritch: "We gotta tune the guitars up, man! This is a song that respects a respectful quiet introduction, this [????] noise!"
    Guitars start playing Stairway To Heaven, female audience member near bootlegger (again!): "Led Zeppelin... it is." (introducing Stairway To Heaven)