Sun, 28-Aug-1983

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Paradiso, Amsterdam, The Netherlands

Press snippet announcing the gig

Part of The Sisters of Mercy's Trans-Europe Excess Tour in 1983.

This was the first time The Sisters of Mercy performed Temple Of Love live.

A large number of Live Bootlegs has been based on the recordings of this gig, see:

  • POSSESSION - this refers to the one mentioned just before,
    as the title 'POSSESSION' is mentioned on the back cover.
  • Paradiso 83 - a selection of funny CD-rs found in online auctions


Trans europe excess.jpg

Sound examples of some bootleg recordings

This concert at the Paradiso in Amsterdam in 1983 is one of the most bootlegged concerts of The Sisters of Mercy.
One reason for this is surely that a recording of very good quality was taken from the soundboard during the gig and the according mastertape got then used for a variety of bootlegs,
from which a multiplicity of further bootlegs were easily ripped.

However, when copying the sound, the bootleg makers would often apply filters, change the pitch, or even overdub some effects, in order to achieve a distinct or even better sound.

Comparing the sound cuts below (the first metres of Sister Ray) from different bootlegs, one can observe these amazing variations of sound and pitch.

Half Moon Over Amsterdam LP
YouTube still video
upload by SpiggyTapes
Allegedly, this sound comes directly from the master tape.
Napalm Gods  -  CD
PoSSeSSioN  -  CD
Possession Amsterdam
1983-08-28  -  CD
Ashes To Ashes  -  MC
Likely an audience recording