Suns Of Mercy

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Suns Of Mercy - Overview

A studio bootleg of mixed content, subtitled Sisters Of Mercy - Live And Demos.

Suns Of Mercy - CD Cover (front)

Release Notes

  • Label: Mongoose Records
  • Catalogue#: MONG CD018
  • Format: CD
  • Released: 1991


  • Track 1 listed in the track list could be a subtitle
referring to the possible origin of these recordings,
i.e. the Victim Of Circumstance cassette.
  • Tracks 3-10 are demos.
  • The front cover photo shows Andrew Eldritch and Tony James,
    although the latter was not involved in any of the recordings on this bootleg.

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Track List (according to back cover)

  * Durations taken from discogs...

Track Version Duration
  1.  The Sisters Of Mercy "Victims Of Circumstance"                        This is possibly no track but only a subtitle                          - - - -
  2.  Ghostrider / Sister Ray Live  11:45
  3.  First And Last And Always Studio - different WORDS   3:59
  4.  Black Planet With Lyrics To Dance On Glass   4:16
  5.  A Rock And A Hard Place Studio Demo   3:57
  6.  Garden Of Delight Wayne On Vocals   5:05
  7.  Garden Of Delight Andrew On Vocals   5:14
  8.  Knockin' On Heaven's Door Studio Demo   7:47
  9.  Emma Studio Demo   7:39
10.  Afterhours Studio Outtake   6:28
11.  Jolene Studio Demo   2:36