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The Brotherhood aka LIVE - Cover (front)

This relatively rare release is so to say the brother-bootleg of The Final Show,

featuring other songs played at the same concert.

Release Notes

  • Label: Wardance Records
  • Catalogue#: WDR 5
  • Format: 7" EP single
  • Released: 1985 (UK)

There is an Andrew Eldritch quote printed on the back cover:

"I should do the Santa Christmas grotto
 in Debenhams. I could just see myself
 sitting with a succession of little girls,
 What do you want for Christmas? Tough,
 here´s some hot metal and Methedrine."



  • Limited edition of 300 hand-numbered copies
  • Runs at 33 rpm
  • The vinyls are black with red printed labels.
  • Instead of The Sisters of Mercy, The Brotherhood is given as the band's name.
    Hence, this (unofficial) title of the bootleg.
  • The Brotherhood reference does also appear on another Wardance release titled The Final Show
  • Anyway, the back cover says: SISTERS OF MERCY and LIVE.
    Therefore, this bootleg is also known as LIVE.
  • There is, however, another 7" bootleg also widely known as Live.
  • The cover is a folded sheet with a montage of an Andrew Eldritch photo from UK music mag Sounds (1987).
  • There is also a "Remix" head-and-star sticker like on the Dominion single on the cover front.
  • On the cover backside, A Rock And A Hard Place is listed as "Rock And A Hard Place";
    on the label the song is called "Rock And Hard Place".

Allegedly, this bootleg is available in the following colours of sleeves:

  • black/white - this seems to refer to the present edition
  • purple/black - we have not yet come across any Wardance release along this description

Track List

Side A Side B
A1  No Time To Cry                                                       B1  Amphetamine Logic
A2  Fix B2  A Rock And A Hard Place

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Additional Pictures

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The Brotherhood aka LIVE - Cover unfolded and vinyl in sleeve
The Brotherhood aka LIVE - Vinyl (Side A)
The Brotherhood aka LIVE - Cover (back)