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The End - 1st edition - red cover (front)
The End - 1st edition - red cover (back)
The End - 2nd edition - blue cover (front)
The End - 2nd edition - blue cover (back)

A double-single bootleg from the late 1980s featuring a live recording from June 18th 1985 at Royal Albert Hall

- the concert was to be "The End" of The Sisters of Mercy in their First And Last And Always line-up.

The End - First edition with red/white cover and clear yellow vinyls

Release Notes

  • Label: Wardance Records
  • Format: 2 x 7" single set
  • Catalogue#s: Record 1: WDR3/L29729/PC1/29/88
                        Record 2: WDR5/L30055/PC 3/88
  • Released: 1988 (USA)


  • The singles play at 33 rpm.
  • The bootleg was released in various editions.

The first edition was limited to 300 copies and comes in a red/white wrap-around sleeve.

  • Allegedly, this edition includes copies with b/w covers as well.

The End - 2nd edition with mauve vinyls

The second edition was also limited to 300 copies.

  • The cover shows the same cover art as the original one but in blue/white colour on the front.
  • The cover art on the back is b/w.
  • The vinyls have a mauve colour and plain white labels.
  • This edition is also said to include a b/w cover version.

A re-issue release exists as well.

  • This one is limited to 1,000 copies and is allegedly available in three variations:
    - Black vinyls with black (no) labels in ared/white wraparound cover
    - Black vinyls with white labels in a blue/black/white wraparound cover
    - Black vinyls with black (no) labels in a b/w wraparound cover

NOTE: None of the alleged full b/w sleeves or the black vinyls with white labels have ever been seen.

Track List

The End - Original edition with vinyls in sleeves

Record 1

Record 2

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Additional Pictures

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2nd edition blue/black wrap-around sleeve
1st edition wit clear yellow vinyls
1st edition red wrap-around sleeve
2nd edition - mauve vinyl, plain white labels
1st edition - yellow vinyls, Merciful Release logos
Reissue - black vinyl, black (no) labels