The Return To Arkham

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The Return To Arkham - Cover (front)

A 2LP vinyl bootleg featuring a live recording from the 10th Anniversary gig

for Reptile House members on 16 February 1991 at Leeds University.

Release Notes

  • Label: WEA Records Ltd. / A Warner Communications Group
  • Catalogue#: MR X1
  • Format: 2 × 12 vinyl LP
  • Released: 1991


  • The vinyls come with plain light blue/white labels.
    Other sources report light blue/white and light pink/white labels.
    Issues with white labels on one record and orange labels on the other have surfaced as well.
  • Cover Note: "The Reptile House Ltd. - London Leeds Hamburg - APPROVED"
  • Due to the above note, this bootleg seems to be in fact approved
    as halfway an "official" Sisters produce at the minimum.


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or popsike/returntoarkham... or, alternatively this source...

Track List

Record One Record Two
Side A Side B Side C Side D
A1   Intro (Afterhours) B1   First And Last And Always                      C1   This Corrosion D1   Temple Of Love
A2   Alice B2   Amphetamine Logic C2   Gimme Shelter                      D2   Valentine
A3   Lucretia, My Reflection B3   Detonation Boulevard C3   Flood II D3   Vision Thing
A4   Body And Soul B4   Burn    D4   Something Fast
A5   Ribbons B5   Marian    D5   Jolene
A6   Dominion/Mother Russia                        D6   1969

Additional Pictures

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The Return To Arkham - Cover (back)
The Return To Arkham - Overview with black inner sleeves