Then And Forever

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Then And Forever - CD Cover (front)

Quote from an unknown source:

Last compilation of the group realised in 1999 as a follow up of the mythical record Some Girls Wander By Mistake.

In this production themes like Black Planet , 1959, Something Fast, are included as well two songs pertaining to

their stage with - The Sisterhood.

This is, of course completely wrong. Then And Forever is a studio bootleg compiled from the variety of songs

neither featured on Some Girls Wander By Mistake nor on A Slight Case Of Overbombing - Greatest Hits: Vol. One

Release Notes

  • Label: PoloX, elsewhere also given as "Warner Bros. 1999"
  • Catalogue#: unknown
  • Format: CD
  • Released: 1999


  • Total running time: 71:28 min


  • All songs come from official releases.
  • Allegedly remastered from the original tapes.
Then And Forever - CD Cover (back)
- unfortunately, no better picture has so far been found -

Track List

Track Duration Track Duration
  1.  Body Electric   02:54    9.  Never Land   02:53
   2.  Alice   03:32   10.  Torch   03:48
   3.  A Rock And A Hard Place   03:32   11.  Something Fast   04:35
   4.  First And Last And Always               04:12                        12.  When You Don't See Me               04:51
   5.  Nine While Nine   04:07   13. I Was Wrong   06:05
   6.  Amphetamine Logic   04:49   14.  Jihad - The Sisterhood   08:15
   7.  1959   04:08   15.  Giving Ground -The Sisterhood   07:29
   8.  Driven Like The Snow   06:18

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