There's A Door (song)

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The Sisters of Mercy - There's A Door - Batschkapp, Germany, 20 April 2022

There's A Door was added mid-March 2021 without any credits or additional details

  to the list of new songs under the 2021 concert schedule on The Sisters Live News Page.

  It received its first live performance announced as a test-run

  on 20 April 2022 at the Batschkapp in Frankfurt/Main, Germany

  Further information will follow as soon as available.

  * Many, many thanks for the video of this new song to MrBlonde.


-with many thanks to Mark Andrews -


Anna moved. She’s got a carpet.

It isn’t on the floor.

You have the freedom to be living in a car

Not made here any more.

There’s a door.

And did you do the do the payments?

Did you love her less as such?

Because there’s carpet on her wall it don’t mean much?

There’s a door.

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Music and Lyrics (to all likeliness): Christo/Eldritch/Smith