Thessaloniki 2019

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Thessaloniki 2019 - CD Cover (front)
Thessaloniki 2019 - CD Cover (inlay)

An audience recording from the late

summer gigs in Greece between The

Sisters of Mercy's Summer Festival Tour

and the National Treasure club tour

in autumn 2019.


  • Recorded live on September 12th, 2019
at Fix Factory of Sound, Thessaloniki


The source of this recording is the full show
audience video recording by IndustryKills
as presented on YouTube.

Recording Notes

  • Taper: Industry Kills
  • Format: data (MP3) or CD-r
  • Lineage:
--> YT Video Source --> YT Video Downloader
--> XMedia Recode --> audio (no track splitting)
  • Circulated: September / October 2019

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Track List

Thessaloniki 2019 CD Cover (back)
  • Unnamed new instrumental - first live performance ever