Thessaloniki 2022

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Thessaloniki 2022 - Alternative CD Cover (front)
Thessaloniki 2022 - CD Cover (front)

An audience recording from the summer festivals in Greece

during The Sisters of Mercy's International Treasure Tour in 2022.

Recording Notes

  • Tapers: Industry Kills
Thessaloniki 2022 - CD Cover Front (inlay)
  • Format: data (MP3s) or CD-r
  • Lineage:
YT Video Source --> YT Video Downloader
--> XMedia Recode --> MP3 (no track splitting)
  • Circulated: August 2022


  • Recorded live on 3rd August 2022
at Moni Lazariston Festival 2022, Thessaloniki, Greece


  • The source of this recording is the full show video
by IndustryKills as presented on YouTube or here
  • Great atmosphere, great sound quality


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Track List

Thessaloniki 2022 CD Cover (back)