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Les Docks Lausanne.jpg

Les Docks, Lausanne, Switzerland

The Sisters of Mercy at Les Docks in Lausanne 2011

After Zurich, The Sisters of Mercy included Lausanne into their 30th Stage Anniversary Tour in 2011...

A short announcement in French taken from the venue's website ...:

« On va f*** le bronx. On portera des chemises criardes, d'horribles pantalons.

On va jouer du vrai rock de légende. Voilà ce qu'on fait... »

  • Thanks for the photos on the right to Heartland Forum member Air Bert.

For more photos, reviews and everything, please go to the according thread on Heartland Forum...

The concert was recorded from the audience and is in circulation among the fanbase.

An audience video DVD does exist as well, see Les Docks Lausanne 2011 (DVD).


  • Summer - watch this one on YT
    The Sisters of Mercy at Les Docks in Lausanne 2011



Something Fast was abandoned and followed by a great Top Nite Out, played for the first time during the Sisters' XXX Tour. Watch it here on YT...