Time To Cry

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Time To Cry - Cover (front)

A double-LP bootleg released in 1986, that mainly features a London concert of 1985.
This was one of the few gigs of this era, where Some Kind Of Stranger was part of the set list.

Release Notes

  • Label: none (private pressing)
  • Catalogue#: 201
  • Format: 2 x 12" vinyl LP
  • Released: 1986 (Germany)


  • Good sound quality,
though one has to put quite a strong low pass filter to achieve an appropriate sound.
  • Black vinyls in a glossy cover with plenty mistakes.
According to rumours, clear vinyls have been seen as well.
  • White labels with tracks info and a GEMA print in black lettering.
The sequences of the track lists on the labels are wrong.
See the images further down.
  • All over the cover the recording dates are stated wrongly as the 24.3.1985.
In fact, The Sisters of Mercy had played the same venue two nights in a row,
and the present album contains the second gig of the 25th May 1985.
  • The article of the band's name is omitted generally.
  • Spelling mistakes on back cover and labels:
"First And Last And Always" is noted as "First Last And Always".
"Amphetamine Logic" is simplified to "Logic".
"A Rock And A Hard Place" is called "Rock And Roll Place".
"Floorshow" is written in to words: "Floor Show".
"Gimme! Gimme! Gimme!" is changed to "Gimme Your Love".
Time To Cry - Cover (spine)


Time To Cry - Labels

Track List

Side One

Side Two

Side Three

Side Four

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Time To Cry - Cover with vinyls
Time To Cry - Vinyls
Time To Cry - Cover (back)