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UTR XIII (Summer 1995)
- Front Page of the only UTR issue in A3 format -

UTR or Underneath The Rock was the official Merciful Release fanzine of The Sisters of Mercy,
or as The Sisters themselves put it:

"Underneath The Rock" was a print magazine published by The Reptile House,
an entertaining and uniquely clear look into the workings of the Sisters and
the broad phenomenon of popular music. Fabulous. *

 * Quote from The Sisters of Mercy's very own homepage.

The fanzine was released from 1990 to 1997 in issues numbered 00 to XV.
All of these issues (apart from # XIII as this one came in A3 format and apart from # 00 as we don't have pictures of it) can be viewed in their whole content on Heartland Forum's Photo Gallery under UTR. Access to that part of the gallery does not require you register with the Forum..., but you can, of course, still do so. Anyway, you find the covers of most issues displayed down here. Note that the caption of each picture links you directly to the first page of the individual issue from which you can page forward (or backward)! The issues are however not displayed in the order of their release at the moment.

Thanks to the kind people @The Heartland Forums, all issues of UTR were for some time available for downloads ...

... well, currently they're not.

From 1997 to 2003, as UTR had ceased to exist, Glasperlenspiel became the main print source of information for the fanbase.

After that the means of choice for communication with and about The Sisters of Mercy have been their very own homepage and the Heartland Forums, while the German-speaking fanbase founded Poison Door Forum to exchange views, information and everything in German language. More recently, French and Dutch forums were opened as well. Nowadays, there are - of course - also various Facebook groups talking all issues Sisters ... ;-) ...

UTR Covers

Please click into pictures for larger views ...

UTR 00 - 1990