When I'm On Fire (song)

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The Sisters of Mercy - When I'm On Fire - Liège, Belgium, 15 April 2022

When I'm On Fire is a new song by The Sisters of Mercy,
  written during the coronavirus lockdown in Spring 2020,
  when the band had to cut short their 2020 Europe Spring Tour
  and postpone the larger part of their schedule to ... 2022 after all.

  The song title got listed on the official Live News Page on 25 April 2020,
  together with the titles of four other new tracks, and in March 2021, the lyrics
  were published there, too.

  The first live performance of When I'm On Fire took place at
Manège Fonck, Liège, Belgium on 15 April 2022.

  Some takes on the lyrics started here at the Heartland Forums...


- from the official live news page -


I know I'm wetter when it rains

I know I'm better with the pain

And when I stand and raise my hand
There is no god but where I am

And I know

When I'm on fire

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Music and Lyrics: Christo/Eldritch/Smith