Wholy Ghost

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Wholy Ghost - First edition cover (front)

Release Notes


  • Released in two varieties. Limited edition of 500 copies in total.
  • The first edition has a white thick cover with black print and a red Trade Mark Of Quality logo
    sticker on the front. The very same logo is printed in full size all over the cover back which gives
    no information about the tracks, the release or anything else. The vinyl comes in a plain white
    inner sleeve and has blue-green (dark turqoise) labels with, again, the logo and no information
    about the tracks. The tracks are given on an accompanying white or rose paper sheet listing
    this bootleg and its contents in detail as well as various other Trade Mark Of Quality releases.

Wholy Ghost - Cover second edition

  • The second edition is extremly rare and hardly
    ever seen. It comes in a darkbrown cover with
    an illustrated xerox glued to it and the Trade Mark Of Quality logo in the upper right corner.
    We not nothing more about this release.
  • Allegedly, 105 copies of the bootlegs are multicoloured purple-white splattered vinyls.
    No evidence for their existence has been found so far.


Wholy Ghost - Label Side 1
Wholy Ghost - Label Side 2

Track List

Side 1 Side 2
1.  First And Last And Always                1.  Emma
2.  Body And Soul 2.  Amphetamine Logic
3.  Marian 3.  A Rock And A Hard Place
4.  No Time To Cry 4.  Gimme Shelter
5.  Possession 5.  Ghostrider
6.  Walk Away

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Additional Pictures

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Wholy Ghost - Front Side Wiew
With Vinyl And Pink Info Sheet
Wholy Ghost - Back Side View
With Vinyl And Pink Info Sheet
Wholy Ghost - Front Side View
With Vinyl And White Info Sheet
Wholy Ghost - Cover With Info Sheet
Wholy Ghost - Second Edition (front)
Wholy Ghost - Second Edition (Side 1)
Wholy Ghost - Second Edition (Side 2)
Wholy Ghost - Second Edition Cover (back)