Without Conscience (song)

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Without Conscience - 12" Single (front)

The title track from James Rays Gangwar 12" single/CD-single Without Conscience.

The 12" was issued in 1989 on Merciful Release under catalogue# MRAY101

The according CD would be launched in 1990, catalogue' MRAY101CD.

Information about further albums and singles can be found in our James Ray Discography

and of course at the James Ray Official Site, where you might find some audio from this song to listen to.

Here is also a still video featuring the track played live in Leeds in 1993


Without conscience I move Love lost at the barrier of wasteland
To the East leave the West behind Cut down & the wasting of a life
I see the family in tears Sick sick, no feeling or emotion
Well no-one else My justice, my children, my wife
Has to suffer these years And I wait for the turning of the century
Everything is gone Then I’m coming
Locked away with a million tears For the children of my enemy
I’m leaving this world behind Without conscience I move
Take a trip in my mind To the East leave the West behind
It’s my life I’m free to choose I see the family in tears
Between my sanity or stay and lose                             Well no-one else
This is it, my life Has to suffer these years
Caught up with the devil Everything is gone
& a stranger for a wife Locked away with a million tears…
And I sit, inside… And I sit, inside…
I see you move, in time… I hear you move, in time…
Vision… Surprise…
Decision … Lies…

Produced by Gangwar   -   Music & Lyrics by Ray/Vingoe/Earl
Lyrics and music are property and copyright of their respective rights holders and provided only for study purposes.